Friday, August 14, 2009

Jakarta is a Melting Pot

Jakarta is a melting pot which reflects its diversity and character in her people, architecture and history. As the Capital city of a country, Jakarta never stops from all activities; politics; economics, socials, educations, cultures, etc. The cultural guarantee could personally take the form of the object made by humankind, did not move or move that took the form of unity of the group, or a part-a part or the remnants the rest of them, that be aged at least 500 years.

As the center of all activities and one of the gates to enter Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta provides many of entertainments to be enjoyed, including its historical inheritance, as the result of culture acculturation. Because of that, Jakarta can’t forget its history.

The cultural inheritance of Jakarta can be seen from many aspects, such as historical buildings, cultures, and arts. Also could represent the typical and representative style period as well as it was considered had the important value for the history, science and culture.

The long history of the city of Jakarta has noted, that the historical old buildings, contain ample of memories of the past and constitute and evidence of the course of development of the city. The existing evidences of historical works also reflect the strife of the communities of their age in developing Jakarta, making this city own an identity different from the one of the other cities in Indonesia. Even today, the historical heritage is rightly as a motivating force, encouraging creativity and inspiring the younger generation to do better for sustainability of the development of Jakarta.

The important object that it was considered had the important value for the history, science and culture also could be categorized as the object of the cultural guarantee and many locations of the place of the performance of art in Jakarta like the Jakarta artistic building, apart from the performance of art also were beauty of appropriate architecture was scrutinized.

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