Friday, August 14, 2009

Heritage: Merdeka Palace

This building is located at Jalan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, before was called Koningsplein Paleis or the “Palace of High Representative of the Netherlands Throne”. It was built in 1873 during the administration of Governor General James Lindon, then continued during the administration of Governor General Johan Willem Van Landsberge and completed in 1879.

The construction was carried out by the ministry of Public Works and cost f 360.000. in 1949, this building then named Merdeka Palace (Istana Merdeka), because when the ceremony of December 27, 1949 when the dutch flag was lowered and replaced by the Indonesian Red and White, the word “merdeka” was cheerfully echoed by the people.

President Soekarno, the first Indonesia President later used the palace both as residence and office. The commemorations of the independent day of Indonesia on every 17 August, where people were mobilized to listens the state speech was held in the front yard of Merdeka Palace.

During the new order, since the administration of President Soeharto, Merdeka Palace was no longer used as the official residence of the head of state, because he occupied his own house at Jalan Cendada. Today, it has only used avenue for state ceremonies or receiving the Letters accrediting foreign ambassador to Indonesia.

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