Thursday, April 23, 2009

Canteen in Pacific Place

I totally love this one, I captured interior of this cafe, Canteen, and it's so cosy and comfortable with sound of chill jazzy music. Offers from cup of hot cappucino to white wine. Great place to hang out, and more love it because it has wifi connection. As you can see on the picture, the place look great, with wooden chairs, and bricks wall. The should add some french posters and hung it on the wall I think it would be even great.

Canteen is on the 4th floor in Pacific Place, located inside Aksara bookstore. Inside for smoking, there are 10 small tables outside Aksara bookstore it's a non-smoking area. Wi-fi connection quite fast with many powerpoints to plug in your laptop AC power, room capacity i think about 50-100 people. With 2 comfy couches on the other side of the room. And there's a bar just next rite where I sit. And one thing about the interior, I like they way they put wine bottles on the rack close to the wooden ceiling.

I ordered hot capuccino, Rp. 18.000, same price as my last avocado juice in Spaghetti House =). One main course in Canteen ranges from Rp. 35.000 to Rp. 130.000, and one bottle of white wine okay, they took beverages menu away. Food varies from western to asian. More western options. it's worth second, third and so forth visits. Gotta recommend this place to bunch of friends.

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Anonymous said...

I've read plenty of good feedback about Canteen, unfortunately this isn't what I experienced on my visit to Canteen Pacific Plc. There were 4 of us, while the only table available in the nonsmoking area was a small one (plenty in the smoking area) - which we didn't mind & asked for extra chairs. 10 mins had passed & still no chairs. Then they forgot 1 of our orders. AND they dared to charge 10% service tax. 10% is abundant in itself, let alone for the lousy service. Sorry, not returning.

jakarta restaurants said...

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