Monday, June 23, 2008

Dialing Guides & Indonesia Area Codes

Indonesia Country Code : 62
Jakarta Area Code : 21

Dialing Guides to Call to Jakarta, Indonesia:

1. From your Cell (Domestic and International Phone Call)
To Landline
Dial: +62 + 21 + Number you wish to call.
To Cell phone (e.g you are about to call 0811234567 or 08567891011)
Dial: +62 + 81 + the rest of numbers or +62 + 85 + the rest of number

2. From Landline to Land Line (Jakarta-Jakarta)
E.g If you and the person you want to call is live in the same area (code) just dial the phone number without the area code,

3. Domestic Long Distance Call E.g if you are in Jakarta and need to establish a call to Bandung
Dial : 022 + Number you wish to call
From outside Indonesia, calling into Indonesia, you don't need to dial the additional "0". For a list of city codes

5. From Landline to Cell Phone (applicable in all areas in Indonesia)
Dial precisely to the numbers that you are given without area code, don't forget to start dial with zero
6. International Direct Dialing (IDD) from Jakarta using Landline or Flexi (CDMA) Cell phoneEstablish a phone call from Jakarta to overseas, let say New York (USA Country Code +1, NY Area Code 212 Phone Number 4567891). Preface with IDD Acces Number 01017 + 1 + 212 + 4567891

IDD Number applicable for these countries below:
Australia | Austria | United States of America | Netherlands | Belgium | Brunei | Canada | China | Denmark | Finland | Hong Kong | Hungary| Ireland | Italy | Japan | Germany | South Korea | Malaysia | Norway | French | Portugal | New Zealand | Singapore | Spain | Swedish | Swiss | Taiwan | Thailand | United Kingdom | Greece

7. International Direct Dialing (IDD) from Jakarta Using Your Cell Phone
For mobile wireless phone (GSM): Note: IDD access number in mobile phones can be replaced with '+' found usually on the 0-keypad button.

Below are other cities in Indonesia area Codes :
Balikpapan 54 Garut 26 Palembang 71
Bandar Lampung 72 Jakarta 21 Pekanbaru 76
Bandung 22 Jambi 74 Pontianak 56
Banjarmasin 51 Malang 34 Samarinda 54
Bogor 25 Manado 43 Semarang 24
Cilacap 28 Mataram 37 Surabaya 31
Cirebon 23 Medan 61 Surakarta 27
Denpasar 361 Padang 75 Ujung Pandang 41

If the city you are looking for is not stated above, please call 24/7 Indonesia (local) Telkom's information service at 108. From land line : 108; Cell phone : 021-108. Indonesia information service will help you if you find any difficulties on dialing guides or you can ask for company's address or phone number to the operator.


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