Saturday, June 7, 2008

La Piazza - Kelapa Gading

Kelapa Gading is located in North East Jakarta, surrounded by subdistricts Cempaka Putih, Sunter and Pulo Mas. It stretches west to east from By Pass road to Cakung and north to south from Koja to Perintis Kemerdekaan road. Kelapa Gading has a total area of 1.633,7 hectare, or 2,14% of the total Jakarta city.

In Jakarta, Kelapa Gading is famous among the food lovers. They can find Indonesian food (Minang food, Javanese food, Sundanese food, Manadonese food, Makassarese food, etc), Chinese food, Japanese food, Thai food and Western food. The central point in Kelapa Gading is the area for food, known as Gading Food City and more hundreds restaurants along boulevard.

Try my favorite restaurant :
Sop Konro (Coto Makassar) - ribs serves with authentic Makassar soup in boulevard
Apollo - Hainan chicken rice in boulevard
Baji Pamai - Ujung Pandang chicken noodles in boulevard
212 Seafood
* I will update my blog with restaurant listings in Jakarta.

Nowadays, Kelapa Gading is famous as a prestigious shopping centre area. Kelapa Gading is one of the subdisctrict in Jakarta, with five shopping malls in 20 kilometer radius. In 2004, Kelapa Gading has approximately 365,000 m2 of shopping centres. My favorite place to kill-time in Kelapa Gading is La Piazza which is also the extension from Kelapa Gading Mall.

La Piazza is a lifestyle concept and open place plaza for live music or watching soccer. One of many best places in Jakarta to hang out with a lot of options for coffee shops such as Starbuck's, Sega Fredo, The Barrel, Bakoel Coffee, DQ, and on the ground floor several restaurants : Loy Kee, Pizza Hut, Chatterbox, Healthy Choice and food court serves snacks on the first floor. The free hot-spot facility also offered by La Piazza by purchasing any (amount) of F&B within La Piazza tenants, exchange the receipt with username and password provided on the information/reception desk. The F&B prices are affordable and cheaper in La Terrace (food court)

The crowd come from Kelapa Gading, Sunter and Pulo Mas area and people start coming mostly in the evening and a bit crowded on weekends especially when there's an event is being held in the main atrium. Therefore I should warn you, when third-party is conducting an event that is targeted to teenage or inviting popular celebrities or bands, you might want to avoid La Piazza, sometimes the event makes it less comfortable because of the C and D class crowd are freely to coming around and the noisy sound from the stage in the main atrium, if you don't mind, think that as a free entertainment.

I provide you with Kelapa Gading Map, hope you will visit La Piazza after has business trips in Central Jakarta.


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