Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best Cab Companies in Jakarta

Unlike other South East Asia capital cities I had been visited (KL, Bangkok, Manila), I find that taxi companies in Jakarta have better service and quite cheap. Most of the taxi companies in Jakarta are bound to use meter and it will avoid you to get conned by the taxi drivers.

The most recommended taxi companies in Jakarta are:
1. Blue Bird Group, you can book it at +622179171234

Blue Bird Taxi (Regular)
This blue colored cabs have really good taxi drivers, although I may not guarantee you they can speak English fluently, you will find most of the drivers are polite, honest (when you left things behind they always return them back to you unless passenger after you find it first, make sure to report it quick, happened to me for few times), friendly and the taxi exterior and interior are always clean and well-maintained. You can choose regular taxi (Sedan), premium (Mercedez Benz/ Alphard). Meter start at IDR6.000 (less than a buck) for regular. If you order by phone, there's a minimum charge of IDR25.000, but if your fare exceeds that, you just pay taxi fare without additional charges.

Try not to mistake Blue Bird with other taxi companies that have Blue Bird look-alike, always find "Blue Bird Group" sticker on the front window. 

Tips: Upon your arrival in Soekarno Hatta International Airport, after you pass through customs, you can find line of taxi counters, one of the counter is Silver Bird (premium) one of Blue Bird Group's service, the price is a bit high considering the car, you can order this cab or just go to the exit and wait for Blue Bird cab in the corridor. To get you downtown, probably would cost you around IDR60.000-90.000 (depending on the traffic). Blue Bird group's drivers are always wearing blue uniform. 

2. Express Group, +622126509000
I think this is the second best taxi company after Blue Bird Group, they have regular taxi (sedan) and Express Tiara (Alphard). The meter start at IDR5.000 and fare is cheaper than Blue Bird though. The taxi exterior however is not as perfect as Blue Bird. You still can spot fender-bender, interior however is clean. Drivers also wear uniform and cab is white-colored sedan.

Other: Gamya (Green), Transcab (Yellow)

Tipping: it is not obligatory to tip the driver, if you have small note you can give IDR2.000-IDR5.000.


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