Monday, August 17, 2009

Heritage: Chathedral Church

Cathedral Church is located in Central Jakarta, the real name of the church was Saint Mary Church and has been built 2 times in Gothic Style. Chathedral I is situated at Weltervreden and baptized at February 1810 by Monsignour Nelissen and father of Saint Lodovicus. In 1826, this church was burned into ashes. Then Cathedral II was established on February 1830, baptized by Monsignour Prinsen in the name of Saint May.

The location is the same as Saint Mary Church at this present time. In 1882, added two towers in the front of the church, but again, the beautiful church was ruined on May 1890 and new church was build "a Cathedral" but stopped on January 16, 1898 the construction was continued. On April 21, 1901 the church was officially opened with best oral of blessing by Bishop E. S. Luypen.

Address: Jln. Katedral No.7, Central Jakarta (check location on Wikimapia)

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