Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Do's and Don'ts

Have you read my "Local Custom and Ettiquette Guideline"? I'm adding some Do's and Don'ts when you interact with Indonesians.

When you're going out for lunch or dinner with Indonesians, when the waiters do not serve food altogether, Indonesians politely won't eat and prefer to wait so they can eat together at the same time. And Indonesians usually will say "selamat makan" or "Let's eat" before eat.

Exchanging Business Cards
A lot of Indonesians follow the Japanese, when we are meeting with clients, we start it out by saying "Hai/Hi", handshake and introduce your name and what division are you working in, then exchanging business card by holding it with both hands and bow just a bit, remember a bit, no need to bend 90 degrees

When we are meeting old friends in mall or public area, we will do the handshake and then kiss both cheeks. Not kiss with lips though more like touching our left and right cheeks with theirs.

Use of The Left Hand
Being "kidal" or left handed surely not a problem, but in many occassions, handshake and hand something to someone, we use right hand, some people would think that is rude if you're giving something using the left hand. But it's totally understandable if your right hand is occupied, just tell them, "Sorry pakai tangan kiri ya" or "Sorry I had to use my left hand".

It is unpolite to burp in public, unless you are an attention stealer then you burp as loud as you can.

The Word Bule
Bule is how Indonesians call Westerners (Caucasian), the word itself means White. It's not a bad word or rude. And Bule is not 100% use to call Caucasian, when someone has fair skin (mostly Chinese), we would call them as Bule as well.

"Is Jakarta or Indonesia safe?" I even lose track about how many times this question has been asked by fellow foreigners, I heard this question too often, and my answer is YES!. Get robbed, pick pocketed, accidents would happen in many ways wherever you are. Agree? Terrorist bombing was not happened only in Indonesia, if I'm not mistaken, even UK got bombed more than us. Right now, Indonesia rank #67 as the safest country in the world (I got it from local online news), FYI, USA #83. Do not worry too much, we all have been affected by media frenzy, media loveees bad stories that's why foreigners only watch tragedies from Indonesia. Media won't cover "Dog bites a Man", "Man bites a Dog" instead.

Bad Luck Numbers
#4. Why? Because 4 in chinese word it's called "Shi" that means death. You won't see this number in elevator. We skip 1,2,3,5 and 12,15. Building management avoid this number because, if they have, no one would rent/buy on 4th floor or another 4-related floor.
#13. Same reason as you guys. Also this number is disappeared on elevator buttons.
So do not think that we miscount the button haha..

Friday noon, male moslems have to do "Sholat Jumat" or "Friday Worship/Pray" in mosques from 11.30 until 12.30 continue with lunch, so probably back in office around 13.30.

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