Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walkway from Balai Sidang to Hotel Sultan

WOW! Today, there are 2 big events going on at Senayan-Sudirman area, traffic will get worse during weekend, so my suggestion is if you are going to attend any event in Balai Sidang Convention Center (primary Jakarta convention center), like right now 2 big events are Indonesia Handi Craft (INACRAFT) or Disney on Ice, both will be held until end of this week.

I just went there and tried to get back home, but if I took the way like regular people do, I probably spend like 2-3 hours. I suggest that if you drive to go there you could park your vehicle in Sultan Hotel parking area and there's an underground tunnel connecting Sultan Hotel to Balai Sidang.

Go to new lobby of Sultan Hotel and take the stairs to convention center. Then walk to to the end of the hall , you will pass by PACTO, I don't know what Pacto is, but it's some kind of office. Then just go ahead til you find glass door. Just open the door and there it is the loooong shortcut, no need to worry because there are 2 auto-travelators to get into Balai Sidang and go downstairs to take another 1 auto-travelator. Tunnel is fully air-conditioned.

I, alone just took that shortcut, a bit creepy because the walkway was like 500-700 meters and I was alone in that creepy tunnel plus I was forced to listened creepy traditional indonesian songs, but this shortcut save my time so I didn't care. And you could actually enjoy, (if you enjoy), paintings and giant pictures of our late president Soeharto hanging on the wall..yes, that 500-700 meters..on the other wall just paintings.

One more tips, if you take a cab, you could try to do the same way if cabbie drop you off at Sultan Hotel, but if you choose to be dropped off in Balai Sidang, if it's hard to find taxi at Balai Sidang lobby, you could take the same way to get Taxi in Sultan Hotel. Silver Bird at new lobby, Blue Bird at old lobby.

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