Monday, March 23, 2009

Hot Application in Town

iPhone freak? Check out new application, Foyage, suitable only for iPhone.
What about this product anyway, okay...using GPS, Foyage will detect your position and inform anything nearby you.

Features include:
- current position is auto-update and shown in road name
- more than 8000 location information in Singapore & Indonesia; including petrol kiosk, ATM, restaurant, cafe, bakery, pub/bar, fast food, food stall, etc.
- make friend request to nearby Foyager
- post comments
- get latest updates of favorite spots and friends
- personalize your information with distance setting

They will add more spots and hotels. My favorite tab is 'categories', inform you about good spots nearby, I love it Foyage has quite inform me lots of hang out places like cafes and restaurants. I gotta admit, there are so many great food in Jakarta, ah forget to mention, this application for now on, provides information about only great spots in Jakarta. Other big cities as Bandung and Surabaya will be added soon.

I want to update bout this post, I know, sounds over promoting this particular app haha, but it helps me to find nearest ATM and not only big fancy restaurants but also small cafe/resto outside malls and in office buildings, this app also informs you which cafe/resto provides free wi-fi. suggestion, download this apps first for sure, so you won't miss a chance to visit good spots in Jakarta. Foyage also enables you to find out if there are other Foyagers nearby, see good spots, make new friends, what's not to like? I love this application, hope you might like it oo Just like they've been saying, wherever you go, Foyage is your personal radar. Ciao..Get App

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