Monday, August 18, 2008

What's new in Kelapa Gading

This is what I know best because practically been living in Kelapa Gading for few weeks yikes, here are some good restaurant, coffee shop or food court in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta area.

Indonesian Food :
Raja Kumis Seafood serves, hmmm I don't really know how to translate this menu in English, but maybe some of you know Indonesian languange really well, Sop Kaki Kambing, Lamb Fried Rice (that's English), Nila Fish Peyek, Shrimp, Crabs.
Delivery Order call : 021-4521711, 4521903

Sate Khas Senayan - Inkopal Kelapa Gading Blok C 21-22
Serves famous Chicken Satay and there's this Duck Rice, never tried one though. For delivery order (I guess) 021-45859080

I gotta tell you I can't think of any Indonesian food right now, mayble I'll add later, those two I got from community magazine and can't find anything..

La Piazza (extension of Kelapa Gading Mall 1)
has a new food court now, La Terazza, there are 12 counters I guess, cheap really cheap price range Rp.9.000 - Rp. 20.000 but a good place to hang out, there are Waffle and dessert, Es Podeng, Ichiban Crepes, Toasty Kopitiam, Bakwan (meatball) Siomay and fried fries. Located on the 1st Floor of La Piazza.

Never tried all of those food, but I tried Bakwan and Toasty Kopitiam, quite decent than the others. A Bowl of Bakwan costs arount Rp. 16.000,-. Toasty Kopitiam has variety of toasts, Kaya Toast tastes good, Chicken Porridge and some other menu. You could hang out here after work out with bunch of your work-out friends. Yeah fitness center just beside the food court, Celebrity Fitness, has more than 100 aerobic classes, RPM, etc that's what's written in their signage hehe.

I'll update this post..soon.

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