Thursday, June 19, 2008

Restaurant Review

Jakarta has lot of great food whether local or international cuisine, almost all of type of cuisines you may find in here. One of subdistrict that has thousand options of food is Kelapa Gading. You name it Indonesian (Padang, Makassar, Manado, Bali), Western, Japanese, Chinese, Seafood. It's all there. Located in North East Jakarta, Kelapa Gading always has been the source of many great food. If you crave for chinese food, you can find the authentic ones (not halal or contain pork) in North Jakarta area (Kelapa Gading, Sunter, Pluit)

Kelapa Gading
Ones of my favorites are:

Coto Makassar - Sop Konro
The famous one, located in Boulevard Raya, the rib is really really good with indonesian spices. Serves it hot with steamed white rice and a bowl of tasty soup. Slurp..You can choose steamed rib or barbeque one. Both are great.

Apollo - Hainan Chicken Rice
The best hainanese chicken rice I think, I am not calling it the big fancy restaurant but they serve really magnificent chicken rice using original recipe and it comes with a plate of steamed chicken, sweet pork, salty pork and an egg , trust me it's really worth to try.

212 - Seafood
Seafood lover, welcome to the seafood paradise hehe..I don't know the address but I can tell you a direction to go there if you'd like to. One of the best menu is Shrimp in salty egg, yummy, well you know seafood, of course there will be fish, shrimp, shellfish, crab. I suggest you order Crab with Padang Sauce..saucy and spicy. Nowhere to be found except in Indonesia.

I have to stop now, it's 3 in the morning and funny noise is starting coming from my stomach..I'll add another reviews in Kelapa Gading area real soon.

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