Friday, June 20, 2008

Domestic Flights

Ready to go out from Jakarta to another exotic places in Indonesia? Hehe, I'll help you to get reference to purchase online tickets from reliable airline companies in Indonesia:

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Indonesia AirAsia :
Try to purchase ticket long before your departure date, it's cheaper, does not apply on high season though. They say cheaper (yeah rite) but eventually the ticket price plus plus plus, it's not that cheap anymore compare to another airlines. FYI, AirAsia does not serve meal during your flight, you have to buy food & beverage from stewardess push cart, so bringing food from outside is probihited. And please be aware that you do not have 15-20kg-free-baggage so you have to pay Rp.9.000/baggage and only allow 1 hand-carry bag.

Lion Air
I bought ticket from LionAir online once, online payment no longer accepted if the reservation/purchase happens less than 24-hour before departure time.

Mandala Airline
Never used one..

Garuda Indonesia

Official Indonesian Airways, the fare a little bit expensive than other airline, but offers better service and safety hmmm...

Enjoy your flight

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