Thursday, June 5, 2008

Car Rental

Rent a car is a good choice of transportation option if you are staying in Jakarta more than 3 days either for business trip or on a holiday. Do not compare public mass transportation in Jakarta to Singapore or Malaysia, here, worst or let say you are lucky if you are not get pick-pocketed. So, either use a cab, rent a car or use TransJakarta (bus).

Budget you need to rent a car in Jakarta is vary based on the car type you chose and usually the stated price does not not include fuel charge, driver (meals & tips), parking ticket. The average rate for Avanza-Toyota/Xenia-Daihatsu in Jakarta is Rp.350.000-Rp.450.000/12 hours, Avanza/Xenia is adequate for a normal (not-that-luxury) business trip. You can book via phone, you can request to be picked-up at the airport or hotel, do not forget to ask the driver cell phone number or reliable contact person and make sure you confirm the booking order at least 1 day before arrival.

Indonesia Country Code +62; Area Code for Jakarta : Land 021, Cellphone 081
E.g you want to contact Astra Rent A Car (below) from your cellphone, dial as follows:

Central Jakarta
Astra Rent a Car

Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 5, Jakarta 10220
Phone : 021 - 5710068Avis
Jln. Diponegoro
Phone : +6221-3142900Agung Rent A Car18 Sumurbatu IV Block C-18 Jakarta 10640
Phone : +6221-4253008
EuropcarJL. Hayam Wuruk 10120
Phone : +6221-3855465
GKBI International Transport Car Rental
Wisma GKBI 6fl Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.28, Jakarta 10210

Phone : +6221-5707240
East Jakarta

Hadi Rentcar

Jl. Raya Ceger (Pintu 3 TMII)

Phone : +6221-98521644 / Cell Phone : +62817137686

Jln. M.T.Haryono
Phone : +6221-8307460
South Jakarta
Quincy Car RentalPejaten Indah D-12, Jl. H. Samali Ujung, Kalibata, Pancoran, Jakarta
Phone : +6221-7919 2606
ADK Rent A CarJl. Kalibata Timur I No.36A Ps. Minggu, Jakarta 12740
Phone : +6221-7996806
Dwima Rentcar
Jl. Pondok Gede, Jakarta 13982
Phone : +6221-685870
Jakarta Limousine & Rental Car
Jl. Mampang Prapatan IV Jakarta 12790
Phone : +6221-73455642 / +6221-98714910


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